late night pinning sessions & the kiddo’s playroom makeover


Mo room

I LOVE Pinterest. Late night pinning sessions are currently my thing. For awhile now I’ve been searching for a piece of furniture to add to the kids playroom that would help with organization and also the ability keep the kids away from certain things I like to watch them with… like their montessori counting items that seem to always get lost if I’m not monitoring. Well during a recent pinning session I came across this image where a mama used an Ikea bookshelf in her kids room. I LOVED this idea. Big enough to add almost everything, room for boxes to keep all JJ’s costumes and super heroes while also having space for books. The best part is it is inexpensive and also very sturdy. I am LOVING our Ikea Kallax bookshelf.

MO room 4


MO room 2


Mo room




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