essential oil tips & tutorials… backache relief


With the launch of the Essential Oil Tip & Tutorial section on Sincerely Mama I wanted to start off with a recipe of oils that has helped me tremendously in my pregnancy. Currently I am in my third trimester and feeling extremely sore specifically I’ve been having lower back pain. One of my go-to mixtures for back pain is Lavender, Deep Blue & Rosemary. I usually combine this mix with fractionated coconut oil which is basically liquified coconut oil instead of the thick solid stuff you usually get when you buy coconut oil at the store.


Combine 3-5 drops each of lavender, deep blue and rosemary, and apply 2-3 drops on location. Like I mentioned you do not need to use a carrier oil but if you plan on getting a massage (wink wink hubby duties) then a carrier oil would be great to help massage oils into skin.

If you would like to purchase any of the above oils you can here.

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hospital bag must-have’s


hospital bag

Now that I’ve delivered two babies and preparing to deliver our third I think I have the hospital bag thing down. When I delivered JJ, my first, I overpacked beyond the term. For Kaila, my second birth I under-packed and forgot a charger. So this time around I truly believe I have it down, third times the charm right? I’ve included all my favorite items and some that aren’t included on the above image like: Havaianas Sandals for the shower, Hair Tie, Belly Bandit and Alba Chapstick.

Now as to what is pictured above as my Hospital Bag Must-Have’s:

Weekender/ Zoe B Organic Sleepy Hat/ Under The Nile Onesie/ Aden&Anais Swaddle/ In2Green Zig Zag Blanket/ Honest Co. Diapers/ Honest Co. Wipes/ Zoe Organics Nipple Balm/ Earth Mama Angel New Mama Bottom Spray/ American Apparel Deep V-Neck T-shirt/ Nursing/Sleeping Bras (2-pack)/ Yoga Pants/ Comfy Socks/ Silicone Travel Containers / Toothbrush/ Charger



saturday fun at the pumpkin patch









Since the kids were born we’ve made a tradition of going to a pumpkin patch for the Halloween season. It’s always fun to get out and let the kids run around, pick pumpkins and get into the spirit of Halloween. This year we decided to try our local pumpkin patch which is a lot smaller than the usual ones we visit but to our surprise it was our favorite. This is also the site that we get our Christmas tree from every year. Funny thing is we’ve always done local as in LA county but as of recently we’ve been doing more local as in “our city” and we have been loving it. You never know what’s in your own backyard!!! After our fun trip to the pumpkin patch we decided to end the night off with Red Robin burgers and shakes.


public schooling… the struggle or just my latest fears



If you’ve been keeping up with me here you more than likely know how I really struggle with whether to homeschool or send my kids to public school. Both options have pros and cons. Recently, I say a month ago, I started the kids in a once a week, local, mom and me type class. It’s amazing! It’s been such a blessing to see them bond with other kids, sit and listen to the teacher, play with shared toys and all other things most public school kids get to do daily. I started both the kids in this local city program to prepare them for the idea of school if we decided to place them in public school. I wanted them to not be shocked or weirded out by a class room setting. And what a better way to introduce them with mama right by their sides all day long.I truly cannot say anything bad about the program. It started in September and scheduled to last until late November.

But as of recently I have been really debating if I wanted them to stay in the class. With all the diseases and illnesses going around I began to find myself sort-of paranoid about bringing them around large groups of kids. I know this may sounds crazy to most but these are my honest feelings. I know I cannot shield them from everything or everyone and also that germs are not always bad and that being around other kids help to build their immune systems but I can’t shake the anxiety that comes along with hearing new stories of kids actually dying from Enterovirus 68 and now these crazy stories of Ebola. Please don’t judge… I know I may be totally overacting but as a mom, especially a mom of two small children and another on the way, I totally am in protection mode. We’ve still been doing our occasional Disneyland visits and local vacations but I think we will be halting a few of those activities too. I don’t want to live in fear but I think it’s best to just have my kiddos close, teach them at home and just try to ride this wave out of crazy sickness’ hitting families as of recently.

In the meantime I plan to prepare for baby #3, order some great homeschooling supplies, diffuse my DoTerra Oils and just be in our little safe zone even if it’s just to keep my pregnant, non-sleeping, over paranoid mind at ease. Tell me do you mama’s have these same types of worries?


fall shoes for both boy & girl

Shoes for Fall



Fall is here and although us Southern Californians’ have yet to get those chilly breezes and cold days I’m looking forward to dressing my kids for cooler temperatures. I’m always obsessed with Fall/Winter clothing for my kids but this year I’m totally obsessing over shoes. From Dr.Martens to High Top Vans here’s my picks for top Fall shoes for the kiddos.

Left Row (Boy’s Picks): Vans SK8-Hi Zip/ New Balance KE410/ Freshly Picked Ebony Moccasins

Right Row (Girl’s Picks): Freshly Picked Merci Limited Edition/ Dr.Martens Brooklee B 4-Eye/ Mini Melissa


house plants that do more than look good

air purifying house blog


We are gearing to do a few small changes around the house as far as decorating . I’m not sure if it’s nesting or just the want for a change but I’m definitely ready to upgrade our current style to more of a Boho Modern design. One of the first things I will make sure to include in our design will be to finally incorporate some greenery into our home. I usually stray from house plants because of my black thumb but I’ve been told these are pretty indestructible and let’s not forget they purify your home’s air quality.


little ones starting school. my fears, goals and also my list of favorite things




So JJ & Kaila started school last week. Not your traditional school but a (pre) pre-school city program. It’s basically where parents attend with their kids to help get them ready for the transition to school. The great thing is the age range is from (2-5) so both JJ & Kaila were able to attend in the same class. All week before hand I was pretty nervous. Not nervous that my kids would be afraid cause I knew I’d be there or even that it was their first day of school, it was more of a nervous of what are the other kids going to be like. Are they going to share with my kids, play with my kids, will my kids share and play with the other kids. There were so many fears but also just as much excitement. I was excited to connect with other parents, be able to sit back and watch my kids interact with other kids, see what their strengths and weakness are and truly just be in a new environment with them to see how they react.

So the day went great all besides the broken air-conditioner in this California heatwave. That was probably the hardest obstacle of the day. This pregnant mama was literally dying trying to maintain in that hot class. Nonetheless, everything was amazing. The kids were all amazing. My kids were amazing. The teacher was patient, kind and so prepared as she has been teaching this age group for over 26 years. All the parents were just as excited as I was to connect and share stories. One of the highlights was during playtime some of the parents got together with the teacher and discussed topics we would love to touch on as parents to share advice with each other. So many had suggestions. From pacifiers to sibling rivalry, it was just such a blessing to have this new bond forming with these fellow moms and dads.

The crazy part is I’ve been researching for at least a year. Trying to figure out what would be the best option for my family as far as schooling for the kids. I’ve still haven’t found the complete answer because one day they will either be home schooled, in public school or even in private school as I know a mommy and me once a week course can’t go on forever. But truly I am so thankful that God put this in our direction to begin the process of starting them in school. I will keep you guys updated on the process along with the ups and downs and probably some venting along the way. Also, I wanted to share some of my must haves for toddler schooling.

school 3

school 2

school 4

Backpack: Fjallraven Mini Backpack: Not the biggest so if your looking for a backpack for an older toddler that will possibly have school work and books and more than just the lunch they started with go with the larger Fjallraven Classic option. This is more of a fun backpack to bring some snacks, toys and crayons.

Sippy/Sports Cup: Zoli Dash: 12 oz vacuum stainless steel straw drinking bottle.

Smarty Pants Gummie Vitamins: Pretty self explanatory but I love these gummies for my kids. They are multi-vitamin + Omega 3+ Vitamin D. We also use JuicePlus Gummies to make sure they are getting enough fruits and veggies intake.

EcoLunchbox: Stainless Steel lunchbox. LOVE EcoLunchbox products. We sell them in our store and I truly believe these are one if not the best options for food storage. Stainless steel to avoid the plastic and if you include a lunch chiller ice pack combined with the ecolunchbox your kids food is guaranteed to stay chilled.

Honest Co. Organic Healing Balm: Seriously if you haven’t already added this to your diaper bag I highly suggest you do. Amazing for everything imaginable. Cuts, burns, diaper rashes, chapped lips… the list goes on.

Tooth Tissues: Another mom, actually one of our Mothers Organic blog contributors introduced me to these awhile back and thank God she did. It’s so easy to wipe down your kids teeth throughout the day to just help keep their dental hygiene up. Especially if your kids are getting sugars throughout the day.

CleanWell Hand Sanitizer Spray: I’m not big on anti-bacterial lotions, sprays and soaps but I do believe sometimes its better to be prepared than not. Since my kids are stay at home kids I am always concerned about the germs they will be exposed to, but know they are a neccesity. So when they are sharing toys, toys like a fake popsicle in the toy kitchen that all the kids are licking… this is the moment I pop out my spray lol.

OnGuard DoTerra Essential Oil: I don’t pack this in my kids backpack but I do diffuse this throughout the house once we get home. It helps to just boost their immune system and helps to protect them from catching colds/flus or even helps to speed up the healing process.


giveaway!!! custom blog design by Danielle Burkleo (Take Heart Blog)


For those who are already part of the blogging community you understand when I say that blogging can be a type of therapy. Like I previously mentioned Sincerely Mama was initially launched back in 2011. But with the demands of starting a new business and having my second child 14-months after my first I had to manage my priorities differently. Fast forward 3 1/2 years and here we are again. I feel so honored to have the opportunity to blog again. It was something I missed terribly and couldn’t wait till the time was right to relaunch.

This time with the design of Sincerely Mama I wanted something different. I wanted a sleek and minimalistic design. I wanted my pictures to do all the color talking. I searched high and low for the right designer. I reviewed multiple portfolios until I came across Danielle Burkleo (Take Heart). Immediately I was thrilled to find a designer who also blogged, had tons of designs under her belt and surprisingly was a reasonable price.

Danielle from the beginning was amazing. I am your typical Virgo! So that means tons of request, changes, attention to minor details, extremely meticulous and probably overbearing. Yes… I’m ok with admitting it. Danielle was always patient, kind and so willing to listen and help. She quickly started designing and to my surprise was finished before I even knew what topic I’d write for my first post. Even after the launch I’ve contacted Danielle with minor changes (Virgo again) and she was willing to help out. Danielle will forever be my go-to for any blog design work. You can check out her portfolio here, her work is beyond beautiful.

With all that said I am over the moon to bring you all an amazing opportunity and giveaway. Many of you have thought about the idea of blogging but do not know where to start. Or some of you want to relaunch your current blog. Well thanks to Danielle we are offering you a chance to win a custom blog design for blogger. Here’s your chance to work with a great designer to either start or relaunch your blog.

Giveaway details & rulesBlogger blogs only. $170 value. Custom blog design includes header, navigation bar, social media set, about photo + text, blog button with scroll box, layout update and installation. Policies here, portfolio here. 

To enter, follow the steps in the Rafflecopter widget below. Good luck! 


a Rafflecopter giveaway


learning to love reading… our local public library

“The more that you read, the more places you’ll go. The more that you learn, the more things that you’ll know.” -Dr.Seuss


Library 1


Unfortunately, my children have never been the ones that get lost in books. We have bookcases filled with the most memorable children books some even from my own childhood. But nonetheless they have never really desired to sit still and read and/or listen to mommy or daddy read. It’s been an ongoing struggle in our home. Recently while researching local toddler activities I came across some great toddler programs at our local library. Everything from story time to arts and crafts all geared to the toddler age. BRILLIANT!!! Since my kids have never been to school or even in a daycare type environment I thought this would be a perfect way to further their social skills with other children while allowing them to pick and choose their own books and participate in some fun arts and crafts. Another huge perk is it’s local and free!! I remember multiple weekly visits to my local library as a child. How did I forget about the wonders and imagination you create in a library?

This past week was out first visit to our local library and let me start off saying it was everything I could imagine and more. The kids were so excited to be apart of the group of kids sitting and listening to the librarian read. They looked around with eyes of wonder at all the toys and books in the children’s nook. After story time they participated in arts & crafts. It was a fun coloring, pasting and cutting activity. The kids loved it. One thing I also noticed was how I need to start focusing on having them color in the lines. Nothing too serious but taking them here allowed me to also see where as a mama I need to focus on as far as their learning and growth. It was a win/win for all of us. Lastly, after arts and crafts I took the kids back to the children’s nook and allowed them to pick two books each. Wow was I amazed at their excitement. Just by allowing them to pick their own books in a new environment it totally opened them up to the idea of having fun reading. Since then we have read at least 4 books a day. It’s been awesome and I’m stoked for our newest weekly activity, our local library visits.


Library 2

Library 3

Library 4

Library 5

Library 6

Library 7


current favorites: what’s in mama’s vanity (body & skincare)


Mama's Vanity

I am forever searching for new body & skincare products. Some may even call it partially obsessive. When I started on my quest to live a more green and natural lifestyle I started with products for my kids. Later I began to switch out products for my husband and I. These are my favorites and in another post i’ll touch on what my man loves. Switching his products was actually a little more difficult than my own.We get tons of inquiries through Mothers Organic from moms that are curious as to what my picks are for natural body and skincare products. Well the ones listed here have been my go-to for about two years and for me that is noteworthy. Like I mentioned earlier I am FOREVER searching for that right product.

YestoCarrots Daily Cream Facial Cleanser. I really love YestoCarrots brand and I’m a big fan of cream facial washes. Typically I don’t have oily or dry skin, it’s pretty much in the middle so this cleanser works great for me. Also, I don’t always take my makeup off at night. I know.. I know. But this cleanser doubles as a great makeup remover. I’ve tried with a few cleansers to remove the eyeliner from underneath my eyes and sometimes it just smears but not with this one, it completely removes. It’s 96% natural. Petroleum, SLS, Paraben & cruelty free!

Humprey’s Homeopathic Remedy Organic Witch Hazel. From everything from reducing puffy eyes to reducing acne & inflammation, Witch Hazel is my go-to for natural astringent.

YestoCarrots Daily Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15Finding the right daily moisturizer was one of the most difficult searches when switching my products to natural skincare. For some reason I felt natural moisturizers tended to be more heavy. With my skin not being too dry I needed something light but something that also contained SPF. This is the perfect mix of both worlds. I LOVE my YestoCarrots Daily Moisturizer.

Alba Botanica Hawaiian Passion Fruit Body Wash. Alba Botanica is one of my favorite natural brands. It smells amazing and never dries out your skin. Also a little goes a long way. Alba has tons of different body washes that are probably just as amazing but their Hawaiian line is my favorite. It’s has 100% vegetarian ingredients. NO Animal Testing, Artificial Colors, Synthetic Fragrances, Parabens, Phthalates, SLS or SMS.

Alba Botanica Hawaiian Hand & Body Lotion Cocoa Butter. Hands down best body moisturizer. Last forever, smells amazing and again natural.

Organic Coconut Oil. I use this for everything. Literally, everything from cooking to healing diaper rashes. Umm, maybe that order was not the best description. Anyhow, coconut oil has many benefits. It’s AMAZING!! For skincare I use this as an additional moisturizer for my skin. I have this routine of  putting a quarter size amount of lotion in my hand mixed with a dime size amount of coconut oil. Mix it together and lather up. It’s my routine after the shower.

Tom’s of Maine Natural Deodorant. I always aim to “keep it real”. Currently this is my go-to for deodorant. Am I 100% happy with it. Absolutely not. Does it work better than any other natural deodorant I’ve tried thus far, Yes. So this is my current deodorant. Tom’s is a trusted brand and it keeps me fresh throughout my day. Summertime may be a little sketchy, LOL. But I’m determined to keep it aluminum-free in the deodorant department. If you guys have any suggestions on other natural deodorants please send them my way.

DoTerra onGuard Toothpaste. Being that I love all things DoTerra essential oils it was only right that I stick to their toothpaste. My husband and I swear by this toothpaste. We believe it helps with keeping viruses away with it’s OnGuard essential oil properties.The On Guard blend of wild orange, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary essential oils provides a first line of defense against germs and other pathogens that can infect the mouth and throat. It’s also fluoride- and harsh abrasive-free.

Alba Botanica Lip Balm. I only use this lip balm. For whatever reason other lip balms break me out. This one never fails and has an amazing scent. Also it’s reasonably priced.

What are my beauty goals and things I want to try? Oil pulling, making my own natural facial mask, making my own toothpaste and heavy metal bath detox. I’ll keep you all updated on these and will make sure to document and post my results. 

Have you tried any of these? Do you have any suggestions? Please share!!!