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Brand Spotlight: AXL Brand Organic Baby Apparel + Giveaway

August 22, 2015

axl 1


One of my goals here with Sincerely Mama is to introduce you guys to amazing people, brands, products and lifestyle changes that I’ve come to love and admire. One of those brands is AXL Brand. AXL Brand is a local, San Francisco based company created by Ryan Lafrenz. Ryan is a father who like most parents found there was a void of, “simple, clean and modern basics”  for baby.

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Green Living

Daily Beauty Routine

August 11, 2015


When I started my journey to live a more natural lifestyle I wanted to throw everything away and start new. Of course I didn’t because lord knows that would’ve cost me hundreds of dollars and an upset husband who already hates my online shopping addiction. Long story short after years of trying out products I have narrowed it down to my absolute favorites. read more

Mama's Favorites

Currently… Ten Things I’m Loving

July 31, 2015



August + September are usually my most crazy months of the year. With new inventory, the buying season and tons of end of summer events to plan and attend things are literally               C R A Z Y  T O W N!!! So what else is better to do besides online shop to relieve the stress? Here are ten of my current must have’s that truly make me happy!

1. This amazing bath wash that we must add to the Mothers Organic lineup.

2. Non-toxic crayons that stand behind the charity mission “one for you, one for me”.

3. The most comfy lounge pants ever created.

4. Shoes that can dress up any jeans and plain tee.

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Chocolate Chip Muffins

July 29, 2015


2 cups of organic all-purpose flour

1/2 cups organic sugar

3 teaspoons organic baking powder

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Local Family Fun… NHMLA

July 16, 2015



Now that we’ve decided to homeschool I find myself searching high and low for local places to visit that provide both education and fun. Not to mention somewhere that is local and has great parking. We’ve visited a few museums and I cannot begin to describe the difference between NHMLA and the others. For starters, this museum was as much fun for my husband and I as it was for our kids. The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles lives up to their mission to inspire wonder, discovery and responsibility for our natural and cultural worlds.

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Agua Fresca- easy, natural fruit juice

July 13, 2015

watermelon 2

All summer we’ve been enjoying the great taste of agua fresca. Agua fresca is a Mexican traditional all natural fruit drink. I usually buy it but recently came across an easy DIY recipes on Pinterest. My absolute favorite flavor is watermelon. Next on my DIY agua fresca list is a spinach and orange recipe. I’ll make sure to update and add the recipe here once I perfect it.

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For the Memory Books

baseball dreams

July 3, 2015

baseball 2


My mama heart is exploding with excitement to get this guy on the fields. Both my husband and I are baseball fans. Jason played throughout school and so did I (fast-pitch softball of course). So imagine our excitement when JJ said he wanted to start playing baseball. And can I add, he is truly good at it. I’m sure all mama’s think their kids are amazing at every sport but seriously JJ has some skills. So cheers to my boy playing a sport that is so close to his parents hearts. Here’s to you sweet boy, mama had to document this moment.

For the Memory Books - Mama's Favorites

twining with my mini

July 1, 2015


I always hoped for a little girl. The relationship my mother and I share is BEYOND. To say we have a good relationship is an understatement. We are best friends, so imagine my excitement when I found out during my second pregnancy that we were expecting a girl. I dreamt of bows, dresses, sunnies, nail polish and pony tails. I am a girly girl to the core so days like today when we could twin are my favorite. We actually just hit this point right before she turned three. She actually gets excited about shopping and dressing up. We still haven’t mastered getting her excited about brushing her hair but who with curly hair likes getting it combed out? Just wanted to share some current favorites of ours… shoes (Pons Avarcas USA) & wraps (Solly Baby Wraps).

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sister sister… DIY animal bread with the kiddos

June 30, 2015

jj hands


I have to say I lucked out in the in-law department. This week my sister-in-law and nieces came into town and we all created some amazing memories. For starters, my sister is a teacher and a mama of 3 (two adults and one 17 year old). That means she is full of wisdom, fun projects and love. Awhile back she told stories of fun activities she did with her three when they were little, most from a book titled, “The Rainy Day Activity Book”.

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DIY - Green Living

beauty… natural armpit detox

June 28, 2015

armpit 2

Now that I’m officially back to blogging I thought I’d start a new category dedicated to beauty. For starters if you don’t already have ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) in your pantry it’s definitely time to go out and grab you a bottle, preferably Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. There are tons of health benefits from using ACV, everything from weight loss to relieving heartburn. Another must have in your pantry is Bentonite Clay. Bentonite Clay also has tons of natural benefits, especially when you mix with ACV.

For starters lets talk underarm funk and the many deodorant options out there both antiperspirant and natural.

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