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5 Top apps for Kids

May 29, 2016

Being a mama of three kids I’m always on the hunt for great apps. Learning apps, fun apps, interactive apps, really any apps that will keep my children busy which also serve as a learning tool. There are tons of apps out there. Many of which will guarantee your child to become a genius in a few months. I’m all about simplicity. I don’t want pop-ups every second and I don’t want to upgrade. I’m just looking for a quick, fun, and easy to access learning game or video that makes my child smile while I eat my dinner at King’s Fish House. Are are my favorites:

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Growth + Goals… currently

April 29, 2016

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetRecently while late night web trolling I came across a blog post that truly hit home. Dani Hampton from Sometimes Sweet wrote a post about goals. Goals that are practical, honest and true to the heart. This topic hits home because it’s been a minute since I set some goals. With so much happening and so much change it’s been sorta hard to set standards and goals. What her post did was remind me that goals can be simple, realistic and attainable. Goals don’t have to be that mansion on the hill or that dream job that I’ve been applying for. My goals can be simple. Simple as cook dinner at least 4 times a week and make sure to say prayers every night with the kids. With that said here are my current goals:

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Joy Movie Screening, High Tea + Mompreneur Panel with Club Momme &

April 28, 2016


Have you guys had the opportunity to see the movie Joy yet? Recently I was invited by Club Momme and to attend a screening of the movie followed by high tea and an amazing Mompreneur panel of amazing speakers. What an amazing day!!! The movie was BEYOND inspirational and touching. I literally was in between laughs and tears the entire time. If you haven’t had the chance to see Joy yet I highly suggest checking it out.

After the screening Club Momme + hosted an amazing high tea which included a panel of mompreneur speakers. The speakers included Catherine McCord (Weelicious Founder), DeNai Jones (Petunia Picklebottom Founder), Andrea Williams (Tubby Todd Founder) and Melissa Kieling (PackIt Founder). Can you say HEAVY HITTERS!!!

What an amazing and inspirational day. As a CEO myself I know the ups and downs of business. I know the extreme hustle and dedication it takes to run a successful business. It’s hard guys. It’s not always easy but the reward can be great. I can take my babies to work with me. I can be home when their sick. If you have any desire to start something you’re passionate about go for it! Do not give up!!! You know the saying, “reach for the moon even if you fall short you’ll land among the stars”.


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April 27, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 4.24.10 PM


I’m always in awe when a company approaches me to be interviewed. Being in this industry I am surrounded by so many creatives and in particular so many moms that are making huge waves in the mama/baby industry! So when asked me if I’d be interested in an interview with them I was over the moon. holds a special place  in my heart. Recently they merged with ClubMomme. Which is a great community of mothers who support each other through events, classes and so much more. ClubMomme was owned by a dear friend of mine Rachel Pitzel. So not only am I honored to be amongst some great women and mothers they have previously interviewed I am in awe of the women behind the brand!

For the feature they interviewed me as a Mom Maker. Basically a mama that also runs a business that they’re in support of. Head over to to read the full feature and thanks again for supporting mamas like me who try hard to balance it all.

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Get out + get moving!

April 23, 2016

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Recently, I’ve been feeling sort of stuck. Stuck financially, emotionally and physically. I know I mentioned before the changes that were happening but failed to mention what those particular changes were. Well one of those changes is my husband’s business recently took a really hard hit. So hard that we are both currently looking for work outside of the business we own, Mothers Organic. This is particularly hard for me because although I own and operate Mothers Organic before that I am a stay at home mother. Mothers Organic has a really small team. About 5 employees which 2 of them are my husband and I. So this change of looking for work has been a little hard. Luckily, I have made some amazing connections in the baby/mama world and have had a few interviews and promising career moves mapped out for me. In the meantime in between interviews, applications and the overall navigation through this thing called life’s changes, we’ve been trying to get out a little more to change the scenery of things.

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Green Living

Strawberries… what you need to know via EWG

April 17, 2016


For the Memory Books

a love like no other

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“When forever becomes a place…when forever ceases to be just a word… when it ceases to be just a measurement of time…but instead becomes a place where soul mates can dance to the song in their hearts… that is a reflection of true love.”

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farewell Kobe… but truly more than that

April 13, 2016

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I will just attach the direct words from my IG account because at that moment my feelings were so raw and expressed exactly what farewell to Kobe truly meant to me…

“Laying here watching Kobe’s last game with Jason and seriously can’t believe all that has changed in the last 3 years. This game is more than just the end of a legend but more like another change we are experiencing. I can’t help but think about Jason’s dad, my father-in-law and his love for the Lakers. And how both Jason and him would talk about Kobe throughout the day. Also the memories of watching the Lakers game for Christmas at his house with the kids running around. God knows we miss you John! After you left us so much has changed and not much of it has been good but our love and faith keeps us strong. Cheers to brighter memories, new beginnings and old precious memories of loved ones that can’t be replaced.”

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review… Kitchen Mouse L.A.

April 10, 2016


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“Eating is not merely a material pleasure. Eating well gives a spectacular joy to life and contributes immensely to goodwill and happy companionship. It is of great importance to the morale.”

Recently I had the pleasure of eating at Kitchen Mouse L.A. with a couple of friends during a work function. A M A Z I N G in every capital, bold and italic expression possible!!! For those that aren’t yet familiar Kitchen Mouse started almost 4 years ago as a small catering business in owner Erica Daking’s home kitchen, cooking for friends and private dinners. Soon, word got out of Erica’s modern spin of gluten free, vegan food that not only invited the health conscious to enjoy, but everyone else too. Her plant-based, farmer’s market food booms with California flavor and drew such a crowd that it grew out of her house and into something much bigger. Kitchen Mouse Cafe opened up its doors in May of 2014 in Highland Park.

FullSizeRender 26

So let’s start with decor. Natural, boho, chic and organic is the terms I would use to describe the overall feel of this cafe. It’s actually quite big unlike most L.A. cafes. We had no problem finding seating! So next lets discuss the menu. There are tons of great options which all are fresh and healthy. Just enough options so that you don’t feel overly anxious trying to decide between pages and pages of options. I went with the breakfast sandwich. Seriously, unbelievably delicious. Full of flavors both spicy, fresh, warm, cold and hearty. Also, let me mention this was no small sandwich, there portions are huge! Overall, I give Kitchen Mouse a HUGE 10!!! The customer service was amazing, the food was BEYOND my expectations and the feel of the cafe was comfortable and cozy. Definitely will be back for more.


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April 7, 2016

“You cannot see brotherhood; neither can you hear it nor taste it. But you can feel it a hundred times a day. It is the pat on the back when things look gloomy. It is the smile of encouragement when the way seems hard. It is the helping hand when the burden becomes unbearable.” – Peter E. Terzick

Brothers… So happy they have each other and my biggest hope for them is that they realize the importance of the word BROTHERS. Life lately has taught me more about parenthood and guidance for these two than I ever could’ve imagined. Loyalty, dignity, trust, honesty, faith and strength are words I hope they hold to.

Sweet boys of mine, mama knows there will be times of arguing, disappointment, let-downs and rivalry but you both need to remember your values. Your core values which are what both your mama and dad tried so hard to instill in you. Most importantly the understanding that NO ONE will love, forgive, support, cheer and need you like your blood!