Traveling with Diono

car seat 1

This year like last year brought tons of change. One huge milestone for my children was the start of school. Last year they attended a local “co-op” style school that I was able to participate in the class with them at least once a week. This year school meant Kindergarten, T-K and Preschool. This also meant mama wouldn’t be present in class anymore along with some major schedule adjustments for school drop offs and pick-ups. With that said we needed 3 new car seats and in particular seats that would safely fit into Jason’s hybrid car.

Being Ergobaby’s Events Manager I have the privilege to work with tons of car seat brands. After tons of research we decided to go with 3 Diono car seats. Honestly I wish I had these seats in my car also. The kids love them and all three seats fit safely in the back seat thanks to Tot Squad’s car seat installation. Here are a photo of the seats in Jason’s small hybrid.
car seat correct


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