My Personal and Professional Journey with Ergobaby


I’ve been rocking with Ergobaby for a long time. About 6 years to be exact. I was gifted my first Ergo carrier when JJ, my oldest was a few weeks old dealing with colic. My dear friend’s little boy also had colic and she informed me that her Ergo was literally a Godsend. Little did I know this carrier would change my life in more ways than just allowing a tired mama the ability to get back to my daily routines and my baby a little comfort.

Fast forward 6 years, 3 kids and numerous daily outings as a family of 5. What remained is my love and connection to Ergobaby. As my children grow my dedication to this company has shifted a bit.

Personally, I went from being a mama who was introduced to the company during a time where I needed relief from a crying baby to a mama running after a 14-month old with a newborn then to a mama with three kids under the age of 5. Professionally, I went from being a mama using her Ergo while running a small business to a woman representing Ergo as a brand ambassador sharing my experiences with fellow parents at events and shows.

With that being said let me share how I began my professional journey with Ergo which leads me to today proudly announcing my newest position with the company! So… I’ve mentioned here before that this year has been a complete shit show. I’m not one to curse but SERIOUSLY it’s been a SHIT SHOW! With that out there (shit show to be exact), let’s start this story with a quote, “You know great things are coming when everything seems to be going wrong. Old energy is clearing out for new energy to enter. Be patient!”

Professionally it all started in March of this year. I DM’d a bunch of friends asking if they knew of any potential jobs. Financially we were starting over. So many changes and an extreme need for financial stability. Two friends referred me over to Ergobaby. A position was open and they thought I should apply. I was so nervous for the interview. I hadn’t been on an actual interview in years. Remember, I was a stay at home mother who ran a small business. So the need to report for an interview or the desire to turn to corporate life wasn’t something I had planned for. Long story short I interviewed and didn’t get the position. Like the year had started (shit show) at that time I was bummed! Completely BUMMED! Little did I know this was just the stepping stone of something bigger.

Although I didn’t get that particular position I was offered a lead Brand Ambassador position. This meant traveling, speaking to parents and consumers at events and learning about the latest products from Ergobaby. God puts you exactly where you need to be even when you don’t understand it. I thought I wanted the original position but as the months went by I realized how much I loved being at events, mingling with parents, sharing my love for the brand, teaching them new ways to bond with their children and helping with the logistics for the shows. I became my bosses right hand man (or girl). She taught me everything about event logistics and trusted me to help with a few of her duties. My mind frame was to give it my all with the hopes for something better to come. I helped to implement new strategies, take on majority of travel and make myself available at all times. I remained positive and thankful because even though this was not the original plan I found myself in LOVE with my job. This position awakened something in me. It lead me to become a babywearing educator, connect with my community through leading a Black Breastfeeding Week event, start my IBCLC journey and so much more.

As Thanksgiving approached a new position within the company became available. My BOSSES position! I knew it might be a long shot but I know my worth. I know what I bring to the company and I know how hard I worked to get to this point. I did what I would want from my daughter. I put myself out there and reached for it. I emailed the events director (who I LOVE and who originally gave me my B.A. position) and let her know I was interested in the current position, if and when it becomes available. Stronger, more confident, more determined and knowing my worth I went in for the interview. AND GUESS WHAT?!?! I GOT IT! I am beyond proud and honored to announce I am Ergobaby’s new Events Coordinator and Community Events Associate Manager.

I came, I sought and I conquered!! With 2017 approaching I am so humbled for what this past year has taught me. So thankful for a husband that supports my dreams and excited for what the future holds for my family.




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