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I am forever searching for new body & skincare products. Some may even call it partially obsessive. When I started on my quest to live a more green and natural lifestyle I started with products for my kids. Later I began to switch out products for my husband and I. These are my favorites and in another post i’ll touch on what my man loves. 

Switching his products was actually a little more difficult than my own.We get tons of inquiries through Mothers Organic from moms that are curious as to what my picks are for natural body and skincare products like Juara Skincare products. Well the ones listed here have been my go-to for about two years and for me that is noteworthy. Like I mentioned earlier I am FOREVER searching for that right product.

YestoCarrots Daily Cream Facial Cleanser. I really love YestoCarrots brand and I’m a big fan of cream facial washes. Typically I don’t have oily or dry skin, it’s pretty much in the middle so this cleanser works great for me. Also, I don’t always take my makeup off at night. I know.. I know. But this cleanser doubles as a great makeup remover. I’ve tried with a few cleansers to remove the eyeliner from underneath my eyes and sometimes it just smears but not with this one, it completely removes. It’s 96% natural. Petroleum, SLS, Paraben & cruelty free!

Humprey’s Homeopathic Remedy Organic Witch Hazel. From everything from reducing puffy eyes to reducing acne & inflammation, Witch Hazel is my go-to for natural astringent.

YestoCarrots Daily Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15Finding the right daily moisturizer was one of the most difficult searches when switching my products to natural skincare. For some reason I felt natural moisturizers tended to be more heavy. With my skin not being too dry I needed something light but something that also contained SPF. This is the perfect mix of both worlds. I LOVE my YestoCarrots Daily Moisturizer.

Alba Botanica Hawaiian Passion Fruit Body Wash. Alba Botanica is one of my favorite natural brands. It smells amazing and never dries out your skin. Also a little goes a long way. Alba has tons of different body washes that are probably just as amazing but their Hawaiian line is my favorite. It’s has 100% vegetarian ingredients. NO Animal Testing, Artificial Colors, Synthetic Fragrances, Parabens, Phthalates, SLS or SMS.

Alba Botanica Hawaiian Hand & Body Lotion Cocoa Butter. Hands down best body moisturizer. Last forever, smells amazing and again natural.

Organic Coconut Oil. I use this for everything. Literally, everything from cooking to healing diaper rashes. Umm, maybe that order was not the best description. Anyhow, coconut oil has many benefits. It’s AMAZING!! For skincare I use this as an additional moisturizer for my skin. I have this routine of  putting a quarter size amount of lotion in my hand mixed with a dime size amount of coconut oil. Mix it together and lather up. It’s my routine after the shower.

Tom’s of Maine Natural Deodorant. I always aim to “keep it real”. Currently this is my go-to for deodorant. Am I 100% happy with it. Absolutely not. Does it work better than any other natural deodorant I’ve tried thus far, Yes. So this is my current deodorant. Tom’s is a trusted brand and it keeps me fresh throughout my day. Summertime may be a little sketchy, LOL. But I’m determined to keep it aluminum-free in the deodorant department. If you guys have any suggestions on other natural deodorants please send them my way.

Essential Oil Toothpaste. Being that I love all things essential oils it was only right that I stick to their toothpaste. My husband and I swear by this toothpaste. We believe it helps with keeping viruses away with it’s OnGuard essential oil properties.The On Guard blend of wild orange, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary essential oils provides a first line of defense against germs and other pathogens that can infect the mouth and throat. It’s also fluoride- and harsh abrasive-free.

Alba Botanica Lip Balm. I only use this lip balm. For whatever reason other lip balms break me out. This one never fails and has an amazing scent. Also it’s reasonably priced.

What are my beauty goals and things I want to try? Oil pulling, making my own natural facial mask, making my own toothpaste and heavy metal bath detox. I’ll keep you all updated on these and will make sure to document and post my results. 

Have you tried any of these? Do you have any suggestions? Please share!!! 



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