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Recipe: Organic Fruit Roll Up’s (leathers)

December 5, 2015


With New Years right around the corner I’ve been racking my brain for resolutions. Every year around this time I try to think of ways to incorporate small healthy changes into my families daily routine. This year I want to focus on our eating habits. We recently made the switch to home cooked meals provided by Blue Apron and I absolutely love the results so far. Home cooked dinners about 4-5 times a week, which is a huge improvement for us. With that said now I want to start focusing on my children’s snacks. Although I LOVE Annie’s organic snacks they have cost me a small fortune. With three small children who all love to snack around the hour, I knew I needed to figure out a way to make + bake my own treats. So first on the list is… Organic Fruit Leathers.

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November’s Mama Muse: Meet Amanda Watters

November 9, 2015

TheWattersFamily-308 blog


We are beyond thrilled to announce our re-launch and what better way to kick it off than with the beautiful Amanda Watters. Amanda Watters, better known as @mamawatters is our first feature within our newest Mama Muse category. Being that Kelly McKnight, co-founder of Mothers Organic is a mama herself, we particularly want to spotlight other mamas that influence us. Whether that influence is through their parenting style, choice of products or their entrepreneurial attitudes we are over the moon that we get the opportunity to start featuring some amazing women here. Within this category we’ll also give each mama the chance to share their 10 Top Items from our store. This will allow you an insight to what products are current favorites of each Mama Muse. With that said let’s welcome Amanda Watters as our November Mama Muse. Below Amanda will share her philosophy on Motherhood and why it’s important for her to remain “picky” when choosing products for her family.

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6 beauty products you need to get familiar with

October 10, 2015

diana ross blog

My beauty routine is ever evolving. It started off in my teenage years with Neutrogena then to overly priced “magazine worthy” facial scrubs in my twenties now to my current favorites of natural, inexpensive and simple products in my thirties. These days I’m all about the simple and natural option. Although I have a few more items I use daily these are the ones I feel are the most underrated but highly respected items in my cabinet.

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Local Travel: Palm Springs… Children’s Discovery Museum of the Desert

October 9, 2015


One of the best decisions we’ve made has been to homeschool our three littles. With that said I’m always on the hunt for a good educational outing. Whether it’s planned during our “normal” weekly schedule or it’s during a vacation, I think you can find fun and exciting ways to teach your kids locally. As many of you already know, we are huge on visiting museums and discovery centers. I will travel miles and miles to find one that sparks interest for my children. So imagine how excited I was to learn about The Children’s Discovery Museum of the Desert.

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new bedtime routines + favorite pajamas

October 4, 2015


Routine isn’t something we are extremely big on. Let me take that back. We have a schedule and a routine but it’s not typical. We are what you call, “go with the flow type of parents” meaning whatever works for us is how we parent. We have been this way since the beginning of our parenting journey. We always felt the more relaxed we are, the more we enjoy each other. Although we don’t have many rules or routines we do have a few guidelines we try and follow. Like types of food we eat, types of clothing we buy and types of t.v. shows we allow.

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For the Memory Books - Mama's Favorites

sisterhood, motherhood and empires

October 1, 2015

mamas lemons sincerely

“YAYA’S, a group of three or more women whose hearts and souls are joined together by laughter and tears, shared through the glorious journey of life.”

In life you come across many people. Some that are meant to be present for seasons and some that become true friends. I can count my lucky stars because a few years ago I met these two beauties. Instantly we connected, sort of like a sisterhood based on our lives, kids, circumstances and goals. Not only have we shared laughs, dreams and secrets but we have also shared insights on what works best for us as mothers, sisters and wives.

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craft kits + homeschooling

August 30, 2015


By now you’re probably aware that we recently decided to homeschool our three children. It was a lot of back in forths in our decision but long story short we decided that homeschooling is what will work best for our family. Since our decision, I’ve been looking into all kinds of programs, groups (both nature and support), curriculums and all things related to teaching and enabling my children the tools to learn right here at home.

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Brand Spotlight: AXL Brand Organic Baby Apparel + Giveaway

August 22, 2015

axl 1


One of my goals here with Sincerely Mama is to introduce you guys to amazing people, brands, products and lifestyle changes that I’ve come to love and admire. One of those brands is AXL Brand. AXL Brand is a local, San Francisco based company created by Ryan Lafrenz. Ryan is a father who like most parents found there was a void of, “simple, clean and modern basics”  for baby.

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Daily Beauty Routine

August 11, 2015


When I started my journey to live a more natural lifestyle I wanted to throw everything away and start new. Of course I didn’t because lord knows that would’ve cost me hundreds of dollars and an upset husband who already hates my online shopping addiction. Long story short after years of trying out products I have narrowed it down to my absolute favorites. read more

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Currently… Ten Things I’m Loving

July 31, 2015



August + September are usually my most crazy months of the year. With new inventory, the buying season and tons of end of summer events to plan and attend things are literally               C R A Z Y  T O W N!!! So what else is better to do besides online shop to relieve the stress? Here are ten of my current must have’s that truly make me happy!

1. This amazing bath wash that we must add to the Mothers Organic lineup.

2. Non-toxic crayons that stand behind the charity mission “one for you, one for me”.

3. The most comfy lounge pants ever created.

4. Shoes that can dress up any jeans and plain tee.

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