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public schooling… the struggle or just my latest fears

October 17, 2014



If you’ve been keeping up with me here you more than likely know how I really struggle with whether to homeschool or send my kids to public school. Both options have pros and cons. Recently, I say a month ago, I started the kids in a once a week, local, mom and me type class. It’s amazing! It’s been such a blessing to see them bond with other kids, sit and listen to the teacher, play with shared toys and all other things most public school kids get to do daily. read more

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house plants that do more than look good

September 28, 2014

air purifying house blog


We are gearing to do a few small changes around the house as far as decorating . I’m not sure if it’s nesting or just the want for a change but I’m definitely ready to upgrade our current style to more of a Boho Modern design. One of the first things I will make sure to include in our design will be to finally incorporate some greenery into our home. I usually stray from house plants because of my black thumb but I’ve been told these are pretty indestructible and let’s not forget they purify your home’s air quality.

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current favorites: what’s in mama’s vanity (body & skincare)

September 5, 2014


Mama's Vanity

I am forever searching for new body & skincare products. Some may even call it partially obsessive. When I started on my quest to live a more green and natural lifestyle I started with products for my kids. Later I began to switch out products for my husband and I. These are my favorites and in another post i’ll touch on what my man loves.  read more

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benefits of elderberry syrup

August 27, 2014

Elderberry Syrup SM

I always want to share my favorite finds with you guys. Things that my family has grown to love and see make a difference in our lives. With cold and flu season approaching one of the “must have’s” in our medicine cabinet/refrigerator is Elderberry Syrup. read more

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vaccinations… my most dreaded mama decision

August 15, 2014



Days like this I sit in bed with tons of anxiety dreading that long ride to the doctors office. I have such a love/hate relationship with vaccinations. Actually more of an anxiety stricken, sick to my stomach, am I a bad mama type relationship. I pride myself in research and trying my hardest to provide my kids with the safest, purest and non-toxic lifestyle as possible. read more

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benefits of grapefruit seed extract

August 8, 2014


One of the many benefits of being a member of the blogging community is learning new things through other mamas & parents. You seem to have a direct insight into their family choices and what has or hasn’t worked for them. This applies to medicines, parenting styles, clothing choices, recipes and much more. It’s so fun to learn and try out products based on another mama’s review.  read more

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hello + welcome to sincerely mama

August 1, 2014


Family Photo

hello + welcome to Sincerely Mama. I know I mentioned this in my “About” page but my name is Kelly McKnight. I am married to the man of my dreams Jason and together we are raising two little ones ages 3 & 2 and another is due to arrive this December.  Although this is the “official” launch of Sincerely Mama this little space has actually been a dear diary of mine since 2011.  read more