Saying Goodbye to Hormonal Birth Control


Birth control has been a thing for me for years. Honestly from the young age of 16 because of irregular and painful periods. After almost 17 years of different types of hormonal birth control I’ve finally said no more! My body has been free of hormonal birth control for almost 7-months and I’ve never felt better. I’ve personally struggled with different digestive issues and have even seen a difference once I removed my IUD. Although we somedays want baby #4 I’m a true Virgo and very much a planner hence my love for my Daysy Fertility Tracker.

Daysy is an intelligent fertility calculator that helps you to get to know your menstrual cycle and body better. But what exactly does Daysy have to offer? Based on measured data from your unique cycle, Daysy tells you on which days you can  and on which days you cannot. Daysy calculates your fertile window – with an from day one! Your fertility status will be displayed either as a red (you are fertile) or green (you are not fertile) light.

I think journaling is the best way to track my progress from preventing pregnancy to hopefully one day planning pregnancy. We are about 2 months in and so far so great! I removed my IUD back in August of 2017 and seriously have never felt better. Here’s to more women taking ahold of their bodies.


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