JJ hits loose tooth milestone

missing tooth

“His hands are small but he holds my entire life in his very palms.” We hit a milestone today. My sweet boy has a loose tooth and I’m actually quite emotional about it. It’s like these 6 years flew by without any warning/ From teething to school drop offs. Jesus has a way of reminding you what’s important. It’s so easy to get caught up in today’s crazy hateful world of politics and all that’s wrong with the world and society. But then just like that my oldest is making a transition within his childhood journey. To some loosing a childhood tooth isn’t much. But if you look at it like this it means a lot more. “Just as a garden grows well and pushes flowers from the dark earth into the light, heralding the accomplishment of spring: so a child’s garden of teeth pushes into the light, heralding a whole new phase of childhood. To diminish this “big deal” would be like ignoring the blooming of tulips or myrtle! How could we? Likewise, the celebration of big new teeth gives a child a sense of wonder at his or her own capacities.” So cheers my sweet boy! Mama is so proud of who you are and what you are yet to be.


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