Cleaning: “I got this or I’m featured on Hoarders!?!?”



What’s your cleaning routine? For awhile now I’ve been trying to master a schedule but it never seems to work out. Some days I swear I’m Mr. Clean himself and some days I swear I should be on an episode of hoarders. With three under the age of 5 it seems there’s no in between. There’s one or the other. We have a clean house like, “please take your shoes off at the door” or “please wear your shoes to avoid a lego injury”. You know those little legos or army men that accidentally get left behind and end up stabbing you right in the pit of your foot? I swear that pain is similar to childbirth. Literally a small part of me thinks I need that old people “I’ve fallen and can’t get up” necklace every time.

Anyhow, I’m curious to know how my fellow mamas do it? Do you do the once a week big sweep or are you a minimalist so there’s no big messes or do you like live with it and surrender to the chaos? Share some tips I’d love to hear!!



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