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April 23, 2016

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Recently, I’ve been feeling sort of stuck. Stuck financially, emotionally and physically. I know I mentioned before the changes that were happening but failed to mention what those particular changes were. Well one of those changes is my husband’s business recently took a really hard hit. So hard that we are both currently looking for work outside of the business we own, Mothers Organic. This is particularly hard for me because although I own and operate Mothers Organic before that I am a stay at home mother. Mothers Organic has a really small team. About 5 employees which 2 of them are my husband and I. So this change of looking for work has been a little hard. Luckily, I have made some amazing connections in the baby/mama world and have had a few interviews and promising career moves mapped out for me. In the meantime in between interviews, applications and the overall navigation through this thing called life’s changes, we’ve been trying to get out a little more to change the scenery of things.


Recently I came across an article on Red Tricycle’s blog which mentioned about State Parks and all their  glory. I’ve never had the opportunity to visit a state park so I immediately thought it would be ideal. The kids of course thought state park meant there would be slides, swings and all the usual kiddie park stuff. To their surprise there was only fields and fields and mountains and hills. SO MUCH BEAUTY!

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What did I pack? Truly what didn’t I pack! Everything from cereal bars to essential oils to allergy medicine… you know just in case. I’m a total just in case mama. I cannot leave for functions without a thermometer and coats even if its 98 degrees outside. So with that said we had all the essentials just in case we found ourselves stuck for a week or two due to extreme weather like tornados, hurricanes and possible heat strokes. Two TRUE things I would NEVER leave the house without is my Ergo carrier and my orbit stroller.

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Upon arrival we were greeted by the park’s trooper and he instructed us what to look out for including rattlesnakes. OH MY LORD! Rattlesnakes? Really? So now starts the panic and worry. Thank God I brought that epiPen. Does the epiPen even work for snake bites? Either way it was there and I’d use it if we needed to. Once we started on our trial I immediately felt a sense of peace and calm. Hearing those leaves blow through the trees and the sounds of mother nature, absolutely priceless . So peaceful, so calm and so NEEDED. My soul needed this. My kids and husband needed this. We all needed some kind of peace. We walked about 2 almost 3 miles and the kids loved it. So thankful for nature and so thankful for peace.


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