Weaning… 15-months old


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Weaning is the process of gradually introducing a mammal infant to what will be its adult diet and withdrawing the supply of its mother’s milk. The process takes place only in mammals, as only mammals produce milk. The infant is considered to be fully weaned once it is no longer fed any breast milk (or bottled substitute).

Well… here we are quickly approaching Jameson’s 15-month mark and weaning has become necessary. Although we are down to nursing only before nap and throughout bedtime, Jameson has begun to bite and by bite I mean full on I am screaming in pain at some point during our nursing session. I think it’s his way of saying he wants to wean and I will call this his form of self weaning. With that said we have begun the weaning process. Each of my children weaned at different ages. JJ weaned around 11-months because I was pregnant with Kaila. Kaila at 18-months. And now my littlest, Jameson at 15-months. Kaila was probably the hardest to wean. She literally never took a bottle or pacifier so trying to wean her was nearly impossible. I’m hoping to skip the whole from breast to bottle stage with Jameson. He’s a huge eater already. Eating everything from pasta to burgers so I’m sure nursing is only a comfort thing at this point and although I love the bond we share during our nursing sessions the biting is more than what this mama can handle. So here’s to weaning and nipples without teeth marks. I’ll keep you all updated on how he transitions.


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