new bedtime routines + favorite pajamas


Routine isn’t something we are extremely big on. Let me take that back. We have a schedule and a routine but it’s not typical. We are what you call, “go with the flow type of parents” meaning whatever works for us is how we parent. We have been this way since the beginning of our parenting journey. We always felt the more relaxed we are, the more we enjoy each other. Although we don’t have many rules or routines we do have a few guidelines we try and follow. Like types of food we eat, types of clothing we buy and types of t.v. shows we allow.

With that said, we recently made the decision to homeschool and have begun implementing more of a schedule. Our goal is to make sure the kids and I read at least three stories before bed.


Here’s a few shots of my amazing hubby reading one of Kaila’s favorite books, Are You My Mother.


One thing that hasn’t changed in our bedtime routine is our love for Hello Sunday’s organic pajamas. Most of you already know that I am the co-founder of Mothers Organic, the Los Angeles based retail store that specializes in eco-friendly and organic products. This means two things: (1) I am extremely picky of what my children wear/play with and (2) I get tons of request to represent brands and try out their products. So when I suggest a brand it’s truly with the same commitment that our store stands by and that’s to, “handpick and test all products that we offer, and only sell those we would use ourselves.” I apply this same commitment to what I represent here on Sincerely Mama.

There are so many qualities I love about Andrea’s brand Hello Sunday. For starters, it’s a mama owned company. Read her story here where she shares what inspired her to start her company and how everything in her shop is handmade with love on a 30-year old sewing machine passed down from her mom!


Another reason why these pajamas are our go-to is the fact that they are organic and made using non-toxic materials. Also the option to easily transition to wear outside of the house. The quality is superior! It’s extremely thick and soft with the most adorable designs! Head over to Andrea’s shop Hello Sunday and make sure to grab your kiddos a pair for the upcoming fall season! Andrea just launched her fall line which is BEYOND! Make sure you also use the coupon code: SINCERELY20 that Andrea generously offered you guys!




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  1.' August 28, 2016 / 5:09 pm

    I just started a new routine with my 4 week old. I m hoping it will help us get into the beginning of a bedtime schedule. I need my sleep!

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