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One of the best decisions we’ve made has been to homeschool our three littles. With that said I’m always on the hunt for a good educational outing. Whether it’s planned during our “normal” weekly schedule or it’s during a vacation, I think you can find fun and exciting ways to teach your kids locally. As many of you already know, we are huge on visiting museums and discovery centers. I will travel miles and miles to find one that sparks interest for my children. So imagine how excited I was to learn about The Children’s Discovery Museum of the Desert.

Only about an hour and 45-minutes away from Los Angeles, The Children’s Discovery Museum of the Desert is a local gem! We visited the museum during their Super Kids Save the World traveling exhibit. This exhibit is based on the British children’s book, George Saves the World by Lunchtime written by Jo Readman and illustrated by Ley Honor Roberts. The book was developed by the Eden Project, an educational charity located in Cornwall, England, which is dedicated to showing the importance of taking care of our world. George Saves the World by Lunchtime features an ordinary family, who in the course of their day save the world simply by making responsible choices. George, Flora and Grandpa demonstrate that by taking simple steps, families can become eco-friendly superheroes in their own communities.


And it’s no additional cost! The exhibit isn’t all they have to offer. There are tons of fun and creative stations to get your child’s mind going. Lots of building, drawing, role play and much more!

We had a blast and are excited about the upcoming changes that are planned for the museum. I had the pleasure of meeting the museum’s CEO Carol Scott.  “Scott brings more than 20 years of experience overseeing operations of a children’s museum of the desert. It’s the third children’s museum she has helmed. The first was as the executive director of the Kidspace Children’s Museum in Pasadena, where she led the design and construction of the $30 million museum and oversaw fundraising efforts.” She has plans for the museum that will amaze you and I feel absolutely honored that she gave us a personal tour and shared the plans with us. What a pleasure it must be for the locals to have her in charge of their hometown museum.

Below are some of the great stations and activities that are available at the museum. My kids didn’t want to leave and if you keep scrolling through the pictures you’ll see that my husband got in on the fun too!2 3 4

Puzzles, books and blocks! Tons of fun for all ages. And guess what? They are adding a dedicated toddler area soon. If you’re familiar with Kidspace Museum of Pasadena you know how much the toddler zone is LOVED by parents. A great way to make sure all ages can enjoy their visit.

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Dinosaurs are a HUGE hit in our house right now. So JJ and Kaila LOVED the archaeological dig. Here’s a little information:

Archaeological Dig
The Archaeological Dig site is filled with a wealth of learning opportunities. Children take a task sheet, gloves, goggles, and explorer’s hat to complete the uniform. Five types of hidden “artifacts” are buried in a matrix mixture that visitors must patiently dig and brush away. Uncovered artifacts can then be studied via the information boxes provided and a certificate is given to those persistent archaeologists who are able to dig out the artifact(s).

What’s Happening Here?
Children can practice fine motor skills, patience, curiosity, reasoning and scientific methods. –

10 11 12 13Grocery Store
CDMOD Grocery lets kids practice sorting, counting and decision-making skills as they shop, re-stock and ring up each other’s grocery purchases.

What’s the Best Way to Help Here?
Remember the children in our lives have been watching our behavior for quite awhile!

Please help them to:

Respect the other children in these places. Cooperative play is necessary. If you take items out, please put them back in the appropriate places. Ice Cream goes in the Dairy Section, dog food in the Pet food section, etc. If you’re with a group, please use the shopping lists outside the door. If you are a family try not to encourage them to fill their shopping cart to overflowing– remember you will be responsible for helping put things back. Learning to run the cash registers can be fun. If your child can read, follow the bird cartoon for directions. If your child is not reading as of yet it will be necessary for you to coach her/him.

14 15 16 17Police Motorcycle
Our police motorcycle provides another opportunity for role-play. This police motorcycle is something that most kids have seen but never had the invitation to play with or on. Come take a ride and take a picture!

Why a Pizza Parlor, Grocery Store, Vet Station or Motorcycle? Because the children asked for it! Ask a silly question, get a silly answer! Children love role-playing and “acting like an adult”.


Here’s some pictures of us enjoying the exhibit.

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Thank you Children’s Discovery Museum of the Desert and a special thanks to Carol Scott and Kate Spates. If you haven’t checked out the museum yet make sure you do and also make sure you check out their Super Kids Save the World traveling exhibit, it will be there until Jan 31st.

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