Daily Beauty Routine


When I started my journey to live a more natural lifestyle I wanted to throw everything away and start new. Of course I didn’t because lord knows that would’ve cost me hundreds of dollars and an upset husband who already hates my online shopping addiction. Long story short after years of trying out products I have narrowed it down to my absolute favorites.I plan on starting a series titled “lifestyle changes”. In this series I want to give you natural alternatives to your everyday household and beauty items. For starters here’s my daily beauty routine. 

YesToCarrots. I absolutely LOVE this facial wash. Just a clean, smooth light cream based facial wash. I’m not a huge fan of foam based washes so this is perfect for my skin.

Spin For Perfect Skin. Hands down best skin brush! Recently a friend shared about this brush on IG and I immediately brought one as I have been looking to get one of these for awhile but never wanted to pay the high price tag. Use this brush daily along with bi-weekly using the exfoliating brush with a sugar scrub recipe I will share sometime soon. This kit also comes with a body polish brush and a callus device. Total must have for your beauty regimen.

Butter Elixir. This oil literally melts into your skin and offers a host of anti-aging, hydrating and mood-enhancing benefits. It has a base of Argan and Sweet Almond oils and is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.

Hope this is a good starter for my new series “lifestyle changes”. Next I’ll make sure to do Body & Hair. Stay tuned…



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