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By now you’re probably aware that we recently decided to homeschool our three children. It was a lot of back in forths in our decision but long story short we decided that homeschooling is what will work best for our family. Since our decision, I’ve been looking into all kinds of programs, groups (both nature and support), curriculums and all things related to teaching and enabling my children the tools to learn right here at home.

A few months ago I came across the company A2Me Preschool. First let me acknowledge that this is NOT a sponsored post. Just more of a “from one mama to another” type of share.



It’s not always the easiest task finding new and creative ways to craft and explore with the kids. Not to mention getting out of the house and heading to our local hobby store with two toddlers and a baby in tow. So here is where A2Me comes in handy. Every month they have new themes which highlight that particular month. Heres the actual¬†description for their website, “Each month, we feature a new theme and Craft Kit. Each Craft Kit contains 7 thematic crafts and 1 holiday craft for the month. Our craft kits include all the materials and supplies needed for your children to complete the crafts that we have planned, prepped and packed for you!”

YES!! You read that right!! They send ALL the materials needed to craft with your kiddos. No need to make those runs to your local hobby store or even search for cool crafts on Pinterest.¬†Just make sure you have the regulars like glue, scissors, tape, crayons and markers. Everything else they supply! Another great bonus about A2Me Preschool is they offer learning sets also. So not only can you receive craft kits you can also have them send you lesson plans, learning activities/worksheets which help teach colors, numbers, shapes and concepts. Seriously guys this is a mama’s dream and to be honest my kids are always so excited for craft/learning days too.

Here are some photos of our August Kit










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