public schooling… the struggle or just my latest fears



If you’ve been keeping up with me here you more than likely know how I really struggle with whether to homeschool or send my kids to public school. Both options have pros and cons. Recently, I say a month ago, I started the kids in a once a week, local, mom and me type class. It’s amazing! It’s been such a blessing to see them bond with other kids, sit and listen to the teacher, play with shared toys and all other things most public school kids get to do daily.

I started both the kids in this local city program to prepare them for the idea of school if we decided to place them in public school. I wanted them to not be shocked or weirded out by a class room setting. And what a better way to introduce them with mama right by their sides all day long.I truly cannot say anything bad about the program. It started in September and scheduled to last until late November.

But as of recently I have been really debating if I wanted them to stay in the class. With all the diseases and illnesses going around I began to find myself sort-of paranoid about bringing them around large groups of kids. I know this may sounds crazy to most but these are my honest feelings. I know I cannot shield them from everything or everyone and also that germs are not always bad and that being around other kids help to build their immune systems but I can’t shake the anxiety that comes along with hearing new stories of kids actually dying from Enterovirus 68 and now these crazy stories of Ebola. Please don’t judge… I know I may be totally overacting but as a mom, especially a mom of two small children and another on the way, I totally am in protection mode. We’ve still been doing our occasional Disneyland visits and local vacations but I think we will be halting a few of those activities too. I don’t want to live in fear but I think it’s best to just have my kiddos close, teach them at home and just try to ride this wave out of crazy sickness’ hitting families as of recently.

In the meantime I plan to prepare for baby #3, order some great homeschooling supplies, diffuse my essential oils and just be in our little safe zone even if it’s just to keep my pregnant, non-sleeping, over paranoid mind at ease. Tell me do you mama’s have these same types of worries?


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