little ones starting school. my fears, goals and also my list of favorite things




So JJ & Kaila started school last week. Not your traditional school but a (pre) pre-school city program. It’s basically where parents attend with their kids to help get them ready for the transition to school. The great thing is the age range is from (2-5) so both JJ & Kaila were able to attend in the same class. All week before hand I was pretty nervous. Not nervous that my kids would be afraid cause I knew I’d be there or even that it was their first day of school, it was more of a nervous of what are the other kids going to be like.

Are they going to share with my kids, play with my kids, will my kids share and play with the other kids. There were so many fears but also just as much excitement. I was excited to connect with other parents, be able to sit back and watch my kids interact with other kids, see what their strengths and weakness are and truly just be in a new environment with them to see how they react.

So the day went great all besides the broken air-conditioner in this California heatwave. That was probably the hardest obstacle of the day. This pregnant mama was literally dying trying to maintain in that hot class. Nonetheless, everything was amazing. The kids were all amazing. My kids were amazing. The teacher was patient, kind and so prepared as she has been teaching this age group for over 26 years. All the parents were just as excited as I was to connect and share stories. One of the highlights was during playtime some of the parents got together with the teacher and discussed topics we would love to touch on as parents to share advice with each other. So many had suggestions. From pacifiers to sibling rivalry, it was just such a blessing to have this new bond forming with these fellow moms and dads.

The crazy part is I’ve been researching for at least a year. Trying to figure out what would be the best option for my family as far as schooling for the kids. I’ve still haven’t found the complete answer because one day they will either be home schooled, in public school or even in private school as I know a mommy and me once a week course can’t go on forever. But truly I am so thankful that God put this in our direction to begin the process of starting them in school. I will keep you guys updated on the process along with the ups and downs and probably some venting along the way. Also, I wanted to share some of my must haves for toddler schooling.

school 3

school 2

school 4

Backpack: Fjallraven Mini Backpack: Not the biggest so if your looking for a backpack for an older toddler that will possibly have school work and books and more than just the lunch they started with go with the larger Fjallraven Classic option. This is more of a fun backpack to bring some snacks, toys and crayons.

Sippy/Sports Cup: Zoli Dash: 12 oz vacuum stainless steel straw drinking bottle.

Smarty Pants Gummie Vitamins: Pretty self explanatory but I love these gummies for my kids. They are multi-vitamin + Omega 3+ Vitamin D. We also use JuicePlus Gummies to make sure they are getting enough fruits and veggies intake.

EcoLunchbox: Stainless Steel lunchbox. LOVE EcoLunchbox products. We sell them in our store and I truly believe these are one if not the best options for food storage. Stainless steel to avoid the plastic and if you include a lunch chiller ice pack combined with the ecolunchbox your kids food is guaranteed to stay chilled.

Honest Co. Organic Healing Balm: Seriously if you haven’t already added this to your diaper bag I highly suggest you do. Amazing for everything imaginable. Cuts, burns, diaper rashes, chapped lips… the list goes on.

Tooth Tissues: Another mom, actually one of our Mothers Organic blog contributors introduced me to these awhile back and thank God she did. It’s so easy to wipe down your kids teeth throughout the day to just help keep their dental hygiene up. Especially if your kids are getting sugars throughout the day.

CleanWell Hand Sanitizer Spray: I’m not big on anti-bacterial lotions, sprays and soaps but I do believe sometimes its better to be prepared than not. Since my kids are stay at home kids I am always concerned about the germs they will be exposed to, but know they are a neccesity. So when they are sharing toys, toys like a fake popsicle in the toy kitchen that all the kids are licking… this is the moment I pop out my spray lol.

Essential Oil: I don’t pack this in my kids backpack but I do diffuse essential oils throughout the house once we get home. It helps to just boost their immune system and helps to protect them from catching colds/flus or even helps to speed up the healing process.


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