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hello + welcome to sincerely mama

August 1, 2014


Family Photo

hello + welcome to Sincerely Mama. I know I mentioned this in my “About” page but my name is Kelly McKnight. I am married to the man of my dreams Jason and together we are raising two little ones ages 3 & 2 and another is due to arrive this December.  Although this is the “official” launch of Sincerely Mama this little space has actually been a dear diary of mine since 2011. 

This is actually the re-launch of  Sincerely Mama. Back in 2011 I launched Sincerely Mama and truly loved the outlet it gave me. I was able to express and release so many feelings, connect with so many fellow moms and introduce my readers to some amazing brands. I owe so much to Sincerely Mama, it was the platform that inspired me to create our store Mothers Organic.

Once we made the decision to launch Mothers Organic I had to choose my workload. I knew trying to balance two small toddlers, a home, a business, a blog and a marriage would be a difficult task to take on. So I decided to take a break from blogging and focus on my priorities at hand. I knew that when the time was right I would make my way back to this small space and begin again with my form of therapy…writing. I know that sounds dramatic but Sincerely Mama is more than a blog to me. I created this space as a form of a diary that one day my kids can look back on. Somewhere they can go and read about all the memories we shared and see how mama navigated through this beautiful life with her wonderful husband and precious babies by her side. This is why this space is titled Sincerely Mama. This is my story, my journey and our moments. I hope you all enjoy reading my experiences as I grow, learn and navigate through this beautiful gift called motherhood. Here you can expect to hear all about my families greatest memories, my recommendations on my favorite items including style post, green living tips and some DIY for those mamas who love all things arts & crafts.

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